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Use Green Gears for YOUR Event's Grounds Keeping Needs!

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Green Gears Event grounds keeping service

Full Service Logistics

Green Gears coordinates all removal logistics including trash; recycling; and compost pick-ups, location and maintenance of recepticles, clean sweep of the grounds, supply of bags, remova I maintenance of vendors, and any unique removal needs as they arise freeing your team to focus wholly on production concerns.

Our Equipment

Our company uses a combination of zero-emision Cycles Maxi mus pedicabs, lightweight ClearStream trash recepticles, and the experience to maintain your grounds.

Green Initiative

We have experience initiating festival recycling and compost programs which brings the obvioius benefit of diversion from landfills. More direct to the festival's benefit, these programs are enticing for sponsors. We provide a festival advertising platform and a "Post-Festival Diversion Report" that can be released through a sponsor's public relations department. On a nether level, our reports may be used to apply for grants from green public interest funds for future festivals.

Integrated Service

We can work in tandem with other crews during festivals, and understand the value of existing partners. Your existing crew members are the experts on the grounds, and we are willing to work with and learn from those who have the knowledge and experience with your footprint.

Proven Effective

We have 100% client retention in our six years of operations and have gathered nothing but positive feedback:

Dollar Bank Three Rivers Arts Festival

Over ten days, the festival attracts over 400,000 patrons and generates 5.53 tons of recycing, 17.3 tons of compost, and 8.05 tons of garbage from 20 stations and 15 vendors.

EQT Three Rivers Regatta

Over three days, the festival attracts over 600,000 patrons and generates 2.85 tons of recycling and 8 tons of garbage from 70 stations and 20 vendors.

Roar on the Shore

Over five days, the festival attracts 150,000 patrons and generates 12 tons garbage from over 50 garbage cans and 11 vendors.

Little Italy Days

Over four days, the festival attracts over 80,000 patrons and generates 2.1 tons of recycling and 3.5 tons of garbage from over 50 stations and 30 vendors.

Thrival Innovation and Music Festival

Over two days, the festival attracts over 12,000 patrons and generates .75 tons of recycling and 2.4 tons of garbage.