Case Study: Roar on the Shore

Event Overview

The Roar on the Shore, located in Erie PA, is a five day biker festival that attracts over 130,000 patrons and generates 12 tons of garbage from over 50 receptacles and 60 vendors. Attendance over the years has increased incrementally, leading to trash concerns.


Prevent garbage overflow and eliminate trash buildup during festival hours, resulting in a clean footprint at all times. Offset the cost of the service by finding a sponsor to fund the removal efforts in exchange for festival visibility and recognition of their efforts.


Erie Insurance Group and Roar on the Shore co-sponsored two trash bikes and one additional worker with a lobby broom who kept the festival grounds tidy and free of any trash, a job previously attempted by 20 workers.


12 tons of trash were transported safely and efficiently over 5 days.

Client Feedback

“Cleanest festival environment since the first festival.”
– Laurie M., Festival Director

“This is why we brought you here, this place looks great”
– Tim Seivers, Seivers Concessions (ROTS Vendor)