Case Study: Positively Cleveland

Event Overview

NEOCycle – an annual bicycle festival featuring 56,000 acres of parks, 128 miles of rides and races, and a massive capstone beachfront party.


Reach surrounding markets to attract bicyclists and outdoor enthusiasts to Positively Cleveland’s event.


Three branded pedicabs appeared at every Pirates’, Steelers’, and Panthers’ game; one “Bicycle Tune-Up Day” coincided with Pittsburgh’s BikeFest; distributed 2,000 pieces of literature and 250 premiums; social media campaign highlighted the festival and their Bicycle Tune-Up Day.


48 day promotion yielding 3,000,000 impressions; the Bicycle Tune-Up stand was located 50 yards from the pedal PGH starting line providing 3,000 views, 100 bicycles tuned, 250 branded patch kits distributed and a sweepstakes to win tickets to the event was conducted.